Saturday, July 2, 2011


Required for a
Large Residential Estate,
Usa River area, Arusha Region.

The Requirements for Candidates.

  1. Only Tanzanian Citizens should apply..
  2. A minimum of 10 years in a similar position, or on a large agricultural estate
  3. A good command of written and verbal English.
  4. An extensive knowledge of the management of estate matters on an estate of this description.
  5. Long experience of working with security companies and their employees.
  6. Management of public areas: roads, electric fences, building maintenance and etc.
  7. A sound knowledge of agricultural machinery, its working and maintenance.
  8. Competent computer skills in Word, Excel and Quick Books.
  9. Sound knowledge of accountancy. Including budgeting and management of budgets..  
  10. Considerable experience and an excellent record of motivating, working with and controlling rural workers.
  11. A very sound knowledge of the labour laws of Tanzania and long experience of liaison with the relevant authorities
  12. Long and successful experience of working with all relevant Government officials including the Regional and District authorities, the Police and Village committees.
  13. The ability to deal diplomatically with the residents of the estate.
  14. A valid driving license.

It must be understood by the successful applicant that this is senior position. In such a position the work will not be limited to the aspects set out above, the holder of the position will be expected to constantly deal with the unexpected . Frequently work will extend beyond normal working hours and often into normal days off.

The successful applicant will report to the Board of Directors.

Emoluments.  A generous salary befitting a person capable of undertaking the work aspects set out above. 28 days paid leave per annum. A medical package will be offered.

Please address applications with a full Curriculum Vitae and the names and addresses of two Referees to
                         The Chairman,
                         The ALOA Trust,
                         P.O. Box 701., Usa River.ARUSHA