The name Zanzibar evokes feeling of romance and mystery in many people's minds. Zanzibar is divided into three parts, Zanzibar Island, Unguja and Pemba. In early times, its shores were visited by Samarians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Portuguese, Arabs, Dutch and later English, each leaving behind a memorable legacy.
Zanzibar island, known as Unguja, is approximately 95 km long and located 35km from the Tanzania mainland. Few countries in the world can equal Zanzibar's long white sand beaches leading to warm aquamarine waters providing the backdrop for excellent diving and snorkeling. With a history steeped in the slave trade and as an important trading post for cloves and spices the island is now a popular tourist destination and essentially a nineteenth century phenomenon.
Zanzibar's old quarter, Stone Town, is a fascinating maze of narrow streets and alleyways which lead past numerous old houses and mosques, ornate palaces, and shops and bazaars. Many buildings in the Stone Town date from the 15 th -century slave boom. A feature of many houses is brass-studded doors and elaborately carved frames. The size of a door and intricacy of its design was an indication of an owner's wealth and status. The use of studs probably originated in Persia or India where they helped prevents doors being knocked down by war elephants. Zanzibar studs were purely decorative. The area outside the Stone Town used to be called N'gambo and is now called Michenzani.
Pemba Island
For much of its history, Pemba has been overshadowed by Zanzibar, its larger and more politically powerful neighbor. Although the islands are only separated by 30 km of water, this island is rarely visited. Those who do, however, are seldom disappointed. Pemba's landscape is hilly, fertile, and heavily vegetated. In fact, for many years, the Arabs referred to Pemba as "Jazira al Khuda" meaning the green Island.Pemba is fifty kilometer north of Unguja (mostly confused for Zanzibar) where cloves are grown in plenty. The channel between the island and the mainland offers the world's richest waters for big game fishing.
Perhaps not only the history but also the atmosphere enchants people minds during their visit. With almost all year round sunshine, the weather is very pleasant. Relaxing on the beach by the shore makes your holiday worthwhile, especially after a safari or mountain climb.
Stone town tour:
This tour gives you the opportunity to visit a variety of areas in the historic Stone town, such as the "House of Wonder", an old slave market, the local market and other historical sites on Zanzibar. This is a driving and walking tour lasting around 3 hours.

Spice Tour: 
Zanzibar has long been known as the "Spice Island." Our spice tour visits many of the local spice farms. At the farms, you see how spices are made and have the opportunity to sample local dishes. Local farmers giving the tour a unique perspective of the island and its inhabitants lead these tours.
Dolphin Safari:
This tour originates on the south coast of Zanzibar in the Kizimkazi area. While there you snorkel with the dolphins. On the return trip to Stone Town you have opportunity to visit old mosque dated 12th century and natural underground spring (Miza).
Jozani Forest:
This tour offers a unique opportunity to observe one the rarest and highly endangered monkeys in East Africa, the red Colobous monkey. This particular sub-specie of red Colobous monkey is endemic to Jozani Forest. After observing these animals a visit to "ZALA PARK" (Zanzibar Land Animals Park) is possible. The tour duration is 2-3hrs and usually conducted either after breakfast or after lunch.
Nungwi (Paradise Beach):
A visit to this picturesque beach may incline you spend countless days sunbathing or just waste the day away. Bring lots of sunscreen. Countless beach activities are awaiting you such as diving, swimming, snorkeling and a beach barbecue at Nungwi.
Changuu Island:
This tour visits Changuu Island, 4 km of the shore. While there you visit an old prison and have the chance to relax a luxurious beach resort. The tour lasts a full day and starts at 9:30am from the hotel of your choice