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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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Amy Carr

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June 1 2011 at 22:36
Job Location: The CEO’s main place of work shall be the MAO Adminstrative Office in Montgomery with time spent as needed in other locations within the MAO service area.

Job Status: Full Time

The Organization: Montgomery AIDS Outreach, Inc is a nonprofit organization based in Montgomery, Alabama. MAO provides primary medical care and case management support services for adults living with HIV/AIDS and their families. In addition, the organization has an outreach component that provides testing services and educates the at-risk population in the service area about the need for testing and personal health strategies to avoid infection. The service area of the organization covers roughly one third of the state of Alabama and comprises 26 of the state’s 67 counties.

MAO is in search of a CEO who is excited about new opportunities in health care and the care of people living with HIV/AIDS.


The CEO is responsible for the overall operation of the agency. Key responsibilities include:

(1) Generate and participate in community outreach activities designed to enhance the operations of the agency; raise funds; serve as an advocate for MAO programs; act as the liaison to local, state, and national professional organizations; and represent the agency at conferences, seminars and public meetings.

(2) Develop relationships with strategic partners including civic leaders and medical and faith-based communities within the service area of the organization.

(3) Develop the overall operational plans of all programs of MAO within the MAO service area, including financial (budget) and health delivery plans, in concert with the MAO Management Team and the MAO Board of Directors.

(4) Develop long-term objectives and strategic plans in concert with the MAO Management Team and the MAO Board of Directors.

(5) Develop or make alterations to the organizational plan for administrative operations, if necessary.

(6) Recruit, hire, and evaluate members of the Management Team.

(7) Arrange and conduct regular meetings of Management Team and staff and provide overall administrative supervision of the organization.

(8) Review Federal, State, and other reports before submission, as needed.

(9) Prepare and present reports for, and attend regular and called meetings of the Board of Directors.

(10) Review and update the agency Personnel Handbook as required in conjunction with the Human Resources Director.

The CEO reports to the Board of Directors and is the chief employed officer of MAO.

Salary Information: $60,000-$75,000

Education and/or experience: Masters degree and at least 2 years experience as an executive director or its equivalent or similar leadership level. Preference will be given to 1) candidates with non-profit experience, 2) candidates with experience in the area of HIV/AIDS, and 3) candidates with a degree in a health-care-related or health-care-administration field.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

Knowledge of federal, state, and private foundation grant administration and contract negotiation.

Knowledge of business and financial principles sufficient to oversee a budget of over $2million annually

Ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally.

Ability to work with government agencies, community groups and other organizations in a collegial manner.

Ability to plan, direct and coordinate activities.

Ability to work with a strong management team – knowing when and how to delegate.

How to Apply:

Cover letter and resume should be submitted via e-mail to Amy Carr, Board Chairman at ; or by mail to MAO 820 West South Blvd. Montgomery, AL 36105. Please include references.

Applications must be received by June 30, 2011. Applicants who pass the first review will be required to complete a written questionnaire provided by the selection committee. Finalists for the position must pass a criminal background check.

Montgomery AIDS Outreach, Inc
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